What is PrintHand?

PrintHand is a mobile printing solution available today on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Google Glass platforms. No matter what printer type you have or what its connection capabilities are, you can print from your mobile device to it. There are several options available, some require a computer and so do not. You need to install our mobile application on your device in order to print.

Is PrintHand free?

PrintHand mobile application is free to install. You can check compatibility with your printer and choose the right printing option with it. However, you cannot go beyond printing a test page (which we highly recommend). In order to print real pages you'll need to upgrade to Premium Mode. You can do so from within the application and will be prompted right before printing. You can also upgrade in advance. Current price for upgrade is $9.95 and it's a one-time charge which includes all future updates.

Do I need a computer in order to print from mobile device?

No, you don't need a computer in most cases. If you have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer, you can print directly from mobile device to it without a computer being involved. You can also connect the printer via USB cable if the device supports USB host functionality available on Android 4.0 and above. If your printer is a part of local network and is already connected to a computer, print server or hub you can print to it too. For more about printing options please visit our Help Section

When do I need to install PrintHand computer software?

If you print directly from the device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or by sharing the printer on the network using standard Windows or Mac tools you don't need our computer software - PrintHand Client. However, if you run into any compatibility or quality issues, you may consider installing PrintHand Client available on Mac and PC. In this case we rely on a computer driver for your printer versus the one running on mobile device. This guarantees you can print from the device, as long as you can print from the computer. For more about printing options please visit our Help Section

Does my data go outside my network prior to printing?

No, your data travels directly from mobile device to the printer, possibly through your computer the printer is connected too. One exception to this is Google Cloud printing which requires the data to be sent to the cloud, then received by the your computer or the printer.

Why PrintHand requires so many privileges on the device?

PrintHand requires access to your messages, personal information, network communication and other important privileges. This is because we provide printing of your information which may be anywhere - from Photo Gallery to email. Access to your account information is required for Gmail, Google Docs and Cloud Printing. You'll be asked to allow all these permissions during installation, regardless whether or not you use all the services.

What emails can I print?

You can print emails and attachments directly from PrintHand. On Android, Gmail functionality is built-in and you can easily connect to your account from within PrintHand, then print. For other email providers such as Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc. a few configuration steps are required. Alternatively you can open your email in a browser and print as a web page.

I purchased Premium mode via Google Play in-app purchase. Why does Google Play store not show that I bought it?

There are two apps on Google Play that go under name "PrintHand": PrintHand Mobile Print Premium and PrintHand Mobile Print. Even though these two apps have the same set of features and are updated simultaneously, they are nominally different and are considered two different apps by Google Play market. This is how Google Play Store or any other app marketplaces handle in-app purchases - they are not displayed as purchased if you look in the list of purchased apps, but you should not worry that you may lose your purchase or fail to retrieve it, because every purchase is still recorded by Google and you can see the complete list of your purchases if you log in to your account on Google Wallet.

If that is the case, how do I restore my Google Play in-app purchase?

  1. tap on Upgrade to "Premium" button within the free version of PrintHand app;
  2. in the next dialogue window check "Restore Upgrade" and tap on "Continue" button;
  3. finally, check Google Play option and tap "Continue".

And how do I restore Premium mode if paid with PayPal?

  1. tap on "Upgrade to Premium" button within the free version of PrintHand app;
  2. in the next dialogue window check "Restore Upgrade" and tap on "Continue" button;
  3. check PayPal option and tap "Continue";
  4. input your PayPal transaction ID in the next dialogue window.